Did you get your new Enterprise Assessment Report? Enterprise Assessment Reports containing the data for the 2018-2022 period is now available. To get your report, you can visit www.findeks.com

The “KOSGEB Enterprise Assessment Report”, which aims to show the current state of a business using abridged statistics, was first made available in 2019. The Report uses the several records obtained from public institutions within reciprocal data sharing protocols. It can be produced for businesses that have data for the last fiscal year, and it consists of seven main sections:

  • Business Identification Information
  • General Ranking
  • Human Resources
  • R&D/Innovation/Branding
  • Productivity
  • Export
  • Financing

Through the Enterprise Assessment Report, the business can see its position in its sector in Türkiye and in its NUTS Level 1 region, its performance in the last five-year period, its financial progress over the years, compared with the sector averages.

In order to contribute your business’s access to finance and to expand the use of the Enterprise Assessment Report in business relations, access to the Reports was moved to Findeks Platform as of 1 March 2023. A business can get its own report for ?5 on Findeks Platform. Third parties can obtain another business’s report ?15, provided that the business consents.

Findeks Platform membership is required to get or share Enterprise Assessment Reports. * Findeks members can log-in to www.findeks.com site and create a request. * Individuals those are not Findeks members can directly register from Findeks website. * Legal entities can fill out their membership contracts on Findeks platform and deliver through the banks they work with. * The business uses a QR-coded check are already Findeks members and can use the Platform.

To access your business’s report, click on www.findeks.com