The Turkish digital health firms met with Chinese Taiwan firms on a virtual B2B conference held on 3rd of November.
Date: 08 November 2021

Managers of 6 Turkish companies operating in the field of Digital Health and 13 company executives from Chinese Taiwan attended the B2B Video Conference Event dated November 3, 2021, within the scope of "Global Digital Business Opportunities Cooperation International Forum events" which is organized jointly by KOSGEB with Chinese Taiwan. Within the scope of the event, a presentation on investment opportunities, incentives and investment advantages in Turkey was made by the Presidential Investment Office.

In the second part of the conference, where startups from Turkey, the Netherlands, Japan, Belgium and Luxemburg held meetings in different parts of the event, 26 companies from Turkish and Chinese Taiwan, matched in accordance with their fields of activity, held one-on-one private meetings and shared production, cooperation opportunities in accessing third markets.

It has been expressed by the parties that the enterprises are in the will of cooperation on issues such as establishing a marketing network and cooperation in the fields of joint product development. In today's conditions, where the Covid-19 global epidemic restricts production and supply chain networks, the opportunities brought by digital technology have gained great speed and importance, and digital transformation has become a priority issue for businesses, as in every other field.

In the feedback sent to KOSGEB from the enterprises participating in the meeting, enterprises expressed their satisfaction with the event and emphasized the importance of reaching Taiwanese companies through KOSGEB in terms of establishing a mutual trust relationship between enterprises and accelerating the process. It has been noted that as KOSGEB, Turkish entrepreneurs will continue to be directed towards strategic targets for international capacity and competitiveness.