KOSGEB President Kurt: With this memorandum of understanding, we will be able to provide additional supports to our SMEs which will trade with the Russian Federation
Date: 04 October 2021

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between KOSGEB and the Russian Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Company (RSMB). Speaking at the online signing ceremony, KOSGEB President Hasan Basri Kurt said, “We intend to strengthen our cooperation with the Russian Federation in a mutual win-win understanding by making the most of our potential in the field of SMEs. We also want to develop our relations, which are rooted from our past, with Russia in economic relations field too" he said.

KOSGEB President Kurt, Deputy Head Salih Tuna Şahin and Head of Department Selim Serkan Ercan attended the meeting from the Turkish side. RSMB Director General Aleksandr Isayevich, Deputy Director General and Head of International Cooperation Directorate N. Bantsekin, Deputy Director of International Cooperation Directorate P. Kondrashov attended the meeting as representatives of the Russian side.

The Basic Element of Stability

At the meeting, a memorandum of understanding was signed between KOSGEB and the equivalent institution of Russian federation, RSMB. Speaking at the online signing ceremony, KOSGEB President Kurt stated that SMEs are the basic elements of economic and social stability in every country of the world and there are more than 3.5 million businesses operating in Turkey who are the target group of KOSGEB.

International Relations

Noting that by the help of this memorandum of understanding, KOSGEB will provide more support to SMEs whom will trade with the Russian Federation and "Our Presidency maintains bilateral relations with countries and international organizations from various geographies of the world in order to develop mutual cooperation and conduct joint studies for the benefit of SMEs." Mr. Kurt said.

We Want to Built Cooperation

RSMB General Manager Isayevich noted that they want to collaborate with KOSGEB in areas that will increase cooperation between Turkish and Russian SMEs and thanked KOSGEB for the cooperation.

What Does the Memorandum of Understanding Cover?

With the signed memorandum of understanding, information and experience will be shared between institutions. Technical and commercial collaborations will be developed between SMEs of the two countries. Within the scope of the Memorandum of Understanding, training programs will be organized for SMEs and entrepreneurs. Expert exchange programs will be held in order to share good practices regarding SME support mechanisms. Mutual business trips will be organized in order to increase the mutual trade volume between the SMEs of the two countries.

Number of Memorandums of Understanding Increased to 92

Recently, KOSGEB has signed a total of 91 memorandums of understanding with 86 organizations from 68 countries and 5 international organizations. With the memorandum signed with the Russian Federation, this number increased to 92.