SMEs are deepening cooperation in the context of the existing close relations between Azerbaijan and Turkey.
Date: 25 February 2021

KOSGEB President Hasan Basri Kurt received Orhan Mammadov, President of the Azerbaijan Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency (KOBİA). KOSGEB managers as well as KOBİA Vice President Rufat Atakishiyev were also present at the meeting.

During the visit, satisfaction from the ongoing close cooperation between institutions was expressed. During the Covit-19 pandemic process, it was stated that the information flow between the two countries continued uninterrupted. New cooperation opportunities were discussed at the meeting, where the increasing will to continue the existing close relations was confirmed.

Good Start

KOSGEB President Kurt stated that this visit was a good start for him and said that "I am very pleased from the fact that the first visitors from abroad are from Azerbaijan”

Energy of Brotherhood

Reminding that there are brotherly relations between President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Azerbaijani President Ilham Alivey, Kurt said that this brotherhood created a strong energy in the liberation of Karabakh from the occupation.

KOSGEB Experience

KOBİA President Mammadov stressed that he was very pleased to be in Turkey and congratulated Kurt due to be the president of KOSGEB. Reminding that the SME’s were established 3 years ago, Mammadov said that they benefited from the experience of KOSGEB in this process.

Invitation to Karabakh

Mammadov, after ending the occupation of Karabakh, underlined that Turkey is always on Azerbaican’s side and yet there are "a lot of work to do in Karabakh for Azerbaijan and Turkey" he added. Mammadov invited KOSGEB President Kurt to Karabakh, which was freed from the Armenian occupation.

Memorandum of Understanding and Action Plan

A memorandum of understanding was signed between KOBİA and KOSGEB on 14 May 2019 in Ankara. With the memorandum of understanding, it was aimed to increase both institutional capacity and increase the trade between SMEs of the two countries. The action plan which defines the activities envisaged to be carried out within the scope of the memorandum of understanding was signed in Baku on February 27, 2020.

Participated in the Forum

February 16, 2021 "A Crop, two Sunday - Azerbaijan - Turkey Expansion of Mutual Trading Facilities" forums were held. KOSGEB President Kurt and KOBİA President Mammadov also attended the online forum.