The KOSGEB delegation's contacts in Baku continued under the chairmanship of KOSGEB President "Prof. Dr. Cevahir Uzkurt".
Date: 02 March 2020

A meeting was held between the firms operating in Azerbaijan and bank managers in Ziraat Bank's office in Baku. President of KOSGEB Prof. Dr. Cevahir Uzkurt and SME President Orhan Memmedov attended this meeting.

At the round table meeting hosted by Ziraat Bank Azerbaijan General Directorate, the executives of the Baku Embassy Treasury and Finance Consultant and Trade Consultant, as well as the managers of Turkish businessmen organizations in Azerbaijan were present.

Stating that SMEs are the building block of the country's economy and make a positive contribution to the process of spreading capital to the base and regions, Ziraat Bank Azerbaijan General Manager emphasized that SMEs should be supported for the development of national economies.

During the meeting, KOSGEB President Prof. Uzkurt and SME President Memmedov listened to the participants' suggestions and answered their questions. They stressed how important SMEs are for development.

President Prof. Uzkurt stated that the support for Azerbaijan in the SME field will continue to increase.