Technical Assistance for Enhancing Coordination and Promotion of the COSME Programme and Capacity Building for SME Support Infrastructure

The Project “Technical Assistance for Enhancing Coordination and Promotion of the COSME Programme and Capacity Building for SME Support Infrastructure” will support our efforts to maximise Türkiye’s participation and contribution to the Programme by maintaining its effective management and coordination of the COSME Programme.

Maximising the benefit to be achieved from the COSME Programme, requires the maximum participation to all current and potential beneficiaries to the open Calls of the Programme.

The Project will:

  • Increase SMEs and intermediary organisations’ knowledge about COSME; and
  • Enhance the coordination capacity within Türkiye for effective participation in the Programme, and in the Small Business Act framework.

It is anticipated that the above will be accomplished through the achievement of the following results:

  • Institutional capacity of KOSGEB in coordinating the COSME Programme was increased;
  • Current and potential COSME beneficiaries in Türkiye were supported;
  • Publicity of COSME in Türkiye was increased.

The Project has been designed with three main areas of activity and relevant sub activities as follows.

Activity 1-Development of institutional capacity of KOSGEB in coordinating COSME

Activity 1.1-Preparation of EU/COSME related reports/papers;

Activity 1.2-Trainings;

Activity 1.3-Study Visits;

Activity 1.4- Designing a monitoring system for effective management;

Activity 1.5- Surveys and Impact Analysis;

Activity 1.6- Getting Prepared to the Next Union Programme;

Activity 1.7- Training of trainers

Activity 2- Supporting Current and Potential COSME Beneficiaries

Under activity 2, there are eight sub-activities which are;

Activity 2.1-General and Focused Groups Trainings for Potential and Current Beneficiaries

Activity 2.2- Project Writing Workshops

Activity 2.3- Coaching for Project Writing (for open calls)

Activity 2.4- Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) Trainings

Activity 2.5- Workshops for chosen COSME topics

Activity 2.6- Finance Focused Training (for Equity Facility for Growth (EFG) and Loan Guarantee Facility- (LGF)

Activity 2.7- Coaching for project writing  (for EFG- and LGF)

Activity 2.8- Networking Activities

Activity 3. Publicity of COSME

Activity 3.1- Opening Conference

Activity 3.2- Closing Conference

Activity 3.3- Preparation and Printing of Promotion Materials

Activity 3.4- Online Tools

Activity 3.5- Launch of the Next Union Programme