lnternational Accelerator Support Programme


Purpose of the Programme

The aim of this program is; to support technological products, R & D and innovation activities carried out in our country, to take place in the international market, to increase exports, to support the establishment of international incubation center and the participation of enterprises in acceleration programs in order to enable domestic technology intensive start-ups to be included in advanced entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Supported Project Costs

A) International Incubation Center Building Program


Business Establishment Costs,

Building Renovation,


Office Equipment

Software Costs

Certified Public Accountant

Transportation Costs


support for the services and organizing organizations such as

Support Upper Limit: $ 100,000

Support Rate: 80%



Incubation Center Rent,

Operating Costs,

Promotion Activities,

Training, Consultancy, Mentoring, Business Management, Law, Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights Services and Organizations to be Received 


Support Upper Limit: $ 3,750,000

Support Rate: 80% for 1st and 2nd year

                       60% for years 3 to 5 

B) International Accelerator Program

  1. Accelerator Office Lease Costs,
  2. Education Costs,
  3. Consulting Costs,
  4. Mentoring Costs,
  5. Business Management Costs,
  6. Legal Costs,
  7. Intellectual and Industrial Property Costs,
  8. Transportation Costs,
  9. Accommodation Costs,
  10. Sworn Financial Consultancy Services Costs,
  11. General Organization Costs 

Program Duration: 3 years

Support Upper Limit: $ 15,000 is given to SME’s for participating an accelerator program, with a support upper limit of $ 60,000.

Support Rate: 80%