Active Assistance & Pre- Coaching and Coaching Activities
Date: 03 December 2020

COSME Turkey Technical Assistance project provides active assistance & pre-coaching and coaching services to many institutions. With coaching services, instantons receive support on each step of project preparation, furthermore, pre-coaching and active assistance services inform institutions about COSME Programme and about the technical assistance project in general. It is aimed to increase the capacity of the institutions in project preparation and implementation areas by these services.

As of day, various institutions such as İTKİB, Van Governorship, OSTİM, TTSO and ORAN Development Agency benefitted from active assistance and pre-coaching services under the Project. In addition to those services, Gaziantep Chamber of Commerce, Ahiler Development Agency and Van Governorship received coaching for project writing for Social Economy Missions Call and Supporting European SMEs to participate in public procurement outside EU Call.