Azerbaijan Minister of Economy Mikayil Cabbarov receives KOSGEB President Prof.Dr.Cevahir Uzkurt.
Date: 06 March 2020

KOSGEB delegation chaired by the President of KOSGEB Prof.Dr. Cevahir Uzkurt, visited and negotiatiated with Azerbaijan's institutions and organizations regarding the cooperation between SMEs biletarelly.

President Uzkurt visited Azerbaijan Minister of Economy Mikayıl Cabbarov in his office and gave information about the studies achieved.

“We Will Take Important Steps With KOSGEB”

During the meeting, Minister Cabarrov expressed his satisfaction with the activities carried out in the field of SMEs; "The cooperation is of great importance for Turkey and Azerbaijan economies. We will conduct these studies meticulously. We will take important steps together with KOSGEB so that SMEs of the two countries can have a voice in the foreign market.”

“We Will Do Our Mission”

KOSGEB President Prof. Dr. Cevahir Uzkurt emphasized that KOSGEB has had 30 years of experience; he also added that "KOSGEB will do her best on behalf of Turkey in SMEs field. We will take the necessary steps for the development of SMEs of the two countries.”