President of KOSGEB Dr. Cevahir Uzkurt received the Ambassador of Sri Lanka Mohamed Rizvi Hassen in his office. At this meeting, A memorandum of understanding to be signed between Sri Lanka and Turkey were discussed.
Date: 02 December 2019

We Work for SMEs

Yoshitha Jayasuriya, Undersecretary of Commerce of Sri Lanka, and Mehmet Emin Berk, Ambassador of Turkey, participated in the meeting. KOSGEB President Prof. Dr. Uzkurt, about 3 and a half million SMEs in Turkey, he said. He also stated that KOSGEB has been working for SMEs nearly 30 years with the support programs.

81 Memoranda of Understanding

KOSGEB President Uzkurt, Ambassador Hassen gave information about the structure of the institution. He said “We signed memoranda of understanding with 81 institutions and organizations from 62 countries. In addition, we carry out our work with the countries where we have moved relations one step further with the action plans we have signed.” Uzkurt also noted that they are ready to cooperate with Sri Lanka on every subject that falls within the scope of KOSGEB's responsibility area and said “We see benefit in signing a memorandum of understanding with the counterpart institution in Sri Lanka and then signing an action plan.”

Cooperation in All Areas

Ambassador of Sri Lanka Hassen pointed out that the SMEs in their country are mainly engaged in agriculture and handicrafts and stated that they want to develop relations with KOSGEB in every field. He also stated that Turkish and Sri Lankan SMEs will be pleased with a memorandum of understanding for cooperation, Ambassador Hassen invited Uzkurt to his country.

Then Uzkurt thanked the ambassador and wished him success in his duty.