Project costs to be supported;

Supporting  period: Investment project duration is maximum 36 months.

Upper limits to be  supported :

The upper limits of the supports to be given in low and medium low technology areas are TL 1.000.000   with a reimbursable amount of TL 700.000 and non-reimbursable amount of  TL 300.000

 The upper limits of the supports to be given in the medium high and high technology areas are TL 5.000.000   with a reimbursable of  TL 3.500.000 and non-reimbursable  of TL 1.500.000

The support rate to be implemented within the scope of this support program is 60%   ;

70% of the support amount is reimbursable and  30% is non-reimbursable

Support Items

Support Rates

a) Machinery-equipment support *

%30 non-reimbursable + %70 reimbursable

b) Production line design expenses support

%30 non-reimbursable + %70 reimbursable

c) Software expenses support *

%30 non-reimbursable + %70 reimbursable

ç) Staff expenses support

%100 non-reimbursable

d) Training and consultancy support

%30 non-reimbursable + %70 reimbursable

e) Promotion and marketing expenses support

%30 non-reimbursable + %70 reimbursable

*In case if it is taken within the scope of domestic goods certificate, it is applied as 45% by adding 15% to the non-reimbursable support rate. The same rate is reduced to 55% from the reimbursed support rate.