KOSGEB and International Relations 

KOSGEB organizes information programmes for representatives of counterpart organizations to share knowledge and experience on SME related issues. 

KOSGEB organizes B2B events for increasing commercial capacities of SMEs. 

KOSGEB organizes expert exchange programmes between organizations supporting SMEs towards capacity building. 

KOSGEB organizes training and model sharing programmes in the field of SME support mechanisms. 


Within the purview of the Presidency, KOSGEB realizes SME-related studies with the other countries according to the priorities envisaged in government programs, development plans, long / medium-term programs and in the annual Work Programs.


In the context of international relations, the domestic and international events are followed. Activities related to the introduction of KOSGEB and KOSGEB’s studies are organized for foreign delegations.


Cooperation activities with the countries which have the KOSGEB’s equivalent organization/institution are carried out within the framework of “Cooperation Agreement Protocols” and “Action Plans”. Organizing mutual visits, interviews and studies with the embassies or commercial representative units of the related countries, sharing information and experience, and participation to the conferences/seminars/ training programs and joint economic committees are realized for the other countries.


a) Cooperation Agreements /Action Plans

After finding the KOSGEB’s counterpart institution/organization, the Cooperation Agreement Protocols which have specific articles both Countries’ common issues related to the SMEs, are prepared and signed. The scope of cooperation is decided with the related country's economic situation, its SMEs’ potential and export / import data, relations with KOSGEB, relations with Turkey, and legal foundations. The areas of cooperation can be exchanging of experts, improvement of the organizations’ institutional capacity, sharing  knowledge and experience, sharing of relevant data bases for the purpose of the development of the SMEs’ commercial relations, promoting the SMEs for attending to the national and international fairs and exhibitions; organizing business trips, promoting the joint projects/ investments etc. Following the signing of cooperation agreements, the action plans are prepared within the scope of the agreements.


b) Meetings of the Joint Economic Commission (KEK)

Meetings of the Joint Economic Commission, conducted with the coordination of the Ministry of Economy, are the platforms for discussion of mutual commercial, economic, industrial, technical and scientific cooperation opportunities.

These meetings have some important functions like development of mutual relations, coordinating the private sector and public sector, removing of the obstacles in mutual relations and giving new dimensions to the economic relations. These meetings are followed by KOSGEB representatives and our Presidency has also some roles for developing bilateral relations within the framework of the signed protocols.


c) Joint Industry Working Group’s / Monitoring Committee’s Meetings

In order to maintain regular and active relations, the "Joint Industry Working Group or the Monitoring Committees" has been established with the countries which Turkey has intense economic relations. In this context, regular meetings are organized by one of the countries each year. Action plans are prepared and the developments are monitored in these meetings within the framework of the Protocols’ articles.