Entrepreneurship Training

Aim of Traditional Entrepreneurship Training Programme

Traditional Entrepreneurship Training is provided for entrepreneurs to have knowledge about starting and running a business, to become aware of their roles and responsibilities in this process and to gain knowledge and experience that can prepare the business model for business ideas. This training is aimed at both entrepreneurs who want to open a business in traditional sectors and entrepreneurs who want to participate in Advanced Entrepreneur Training.

The course modules of Traditional Entrepreneurship Education;

  1. Basic Concepts in Entrepreneurship
  2. Seeing Enterprise Opportunities and Creating Ideas
  3. Feasibility Analysis
  4. Business Models, Customers, Value Proposals, and Sources of Income
  5. Economy, Industry, Competition, and Customer Analysis
  6. Legal Infrastructure
  7. Ethical Foundations of the Initiative
  8. Marketing Principles and Management

Aim of Advanced Entrepreneurship Training Programme

To gain knowledge to entrepreneurs who will operate in the innovative, medium, high technology sectors and manufacturing sector.

Advanced Entrepreneurship Education includes the following modules in addition to the course modules above;

  1. Networking
  2. Determination and Management of the Financial Structure of the Enterprise
  3. Access to Financial Resources for New Ventures
  4. Innovation Management
  5. Intellectual Property Rights
  6. Professional Management of Enterprise and Strategic Management in SMEs
  7. Management of Growth Process and Growth Strategies
  8. Business Plan Development