SME Finance Support Programme


Purpose of the Programme

Loan Interest Supports based on 3624 numbered KOSGEB Law, 2004/7131 and 2008/13524 numbered Decisions of the Council of Ministers, have started in 2003.

The Loan Interest Supports aimed to

  • İncrease the production, quality and standards,
  • Find solutions to financial problems,
  • Create employment,
  • Enhance SMEs compete at an international level


Within the framework of the protocols made with public banks, private banks, participation banks and other financial institutions, interest / profit share, commission, etc. expenses of the loans to be used by SMEs are covered.

The Loan Interest Supports are grants.

At the end of 2018 KOSGEB SME Support Finance Programme was introduced gathering separate loan supports under a single roof.

SME Finance Support Programme is based on KOSGEB SME Loan Interest Support Regulation dated 19/09/2009 and 27354 numbered Official Gazette. Entered into force on December 2018. It has been amended in October 2019.

SME Support Programme aims to;

  • More efficient and productive usage of public funding,
  • Producing more added value,
  • Lean processes,
  • Accessible yearlong,
  • SME friend programme


SME Support Programme- Support Limits

Loan Type

Enterprise Type

Enterpreneur Enterprises*

Strategic and Preferred Sector Enterprises **

Min. Loan Term

Loan Upper Limit

Support Score

Loan Upper Limit

Support Score***

Working Capital Loan

50.000 TL****


500.000 TL

12 *****

18 Months

Machinery-Equipment Loan

36 Months

(*) Active enterprises established by KOSGEB support,

(**) Enterprises benefit from Technology Focused Industry Move Programme implemented by Ministry of Industry and Technology and the enterprises buying these enterprises’ products,

(***)Support score that apply to per-annum rate,

(****) In case of entrepreneur is young, woman, disabled, veteran or first degree relatives of martyr, the upper limit is applied as 70.000TL,

(*****) In Machinery-Equipment Loan; Strategic and Preferred Sector Enterprises are granted with 2 extra scores for purchasing domestic machinery-equipment,


There are 3 types of loans supported in SME Finance Support Programme;

  • Working Capital Loan
  • Machinery-Equipment Loan
  • Emergency Support Loan


As stated above base points are 10 for Working Capital Loan and 12 for Machinery-Equipment Loan. For Emergency Support Loan base point is not applied and the scope, upper limit and the support score is identified by KOSGEB Executive Committee. 

Emergency Support Loan Programs are implemented  by KOSGEB to  provide the SMEs affected by natural disasters (flooding, flooding, waterfalls, major drought, abnormal storms, war, general strike, fire, popular movements, terror, and so on ) in our country with loans and financing under favorable conditions. This includes businesses registered in the KOSGEB Database and active, which are not banned from KOSGEBSupport and which are up-to-date on the SME Information Declaration and whose situation is documented from the relevant authorities.