A delegation headed by Mr. Eric Ewusi Mbongo, Deputy Director General of APME (Cameroon SME Support and Promotion Agency) in Cameroon, has made a series of visits in our country including KOSGEB and Enterprises.
Date: 31 October 2018

In cooperation with KOSGEB-TIKA, information and visit programs were organized on 24-25 October 2018 for the Cameroon delegation.

Within the scope of the two day Technical Cooperation Program conducted with Cameroon delegation consisting of representatives of the SME Support and Promotion Agency of Cameroon, under the coordination of KOSGEB-TIKA, the delegation was informed about KOSGEB Support Programs.

KOSGEB Vice President Mr. Salih Tuna Sahin, welcomed of the Cameroon delegation and stated Turkey's recent economic situation as made a keynote speech emphasizing the importance of KOSGEB in this development.

The fact that SMEs have a strategic importance in economic and social development with the ability to adapt rapidly to changing conditions, having flexible production structure, providing regional development and reducing regional differences, making significant contributions to employment by creating new job opportunities to develop national economies have been explained with the KOSGEB support models in detail at the presentations.

On the second day of the program, in order to understand the importance of the supports provided to SMEs by KOSGEB, besides 3 SME visits on different scales meetings were also held with Ankara Technopark Technology Development Zone and Chamber of Furniture and Lacquerists Artisans and Craftsmen (ANKAMOB).

Mr. Eric Ewusi Mbongo, Chairman of the Cameroon Committee, said that KOSGEB welcomed them very warmly and the program was very fruitful. Under the program,  SMEs in the areas that they want to benefit from Turkey's experience Mbongo, bringing together SMEs of the two countries within the scope of the negotiations and KOSGEB also requested the assistance available to them in technical education.

Mr. Mbongo said that under this program, SMEs in the areas that they want to benefit from Turkey's experience  and bringing together SMEs of the two countries within the scope of the negotiations. He also requested the assistance could be available to them in technical education.

As KOSGEB, it was stated that every effort will be made to meet these demands of the Cameroon side within the framework of the Action Plan to be signed under the perspective of Memorandum of Understanding.